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Creating the Right Atmosphere For Your Restaurant

When people make the choice to go out to eat, they are looking for and paying for more than a simple meal. Most patrons who choose to eat at a nice restaurant want to be able to enjoy a good meal in an environment that they find appealing. This could range from the upscale dining experience or a laid-back bar …

How Restaurants Can Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms are some of the best marketing tools businesses have at their disposal today and they make for quick and effective ways to contact and interact with your chosen audience. Many businesses across a number of industries are already effectively harnessing the power of social media, but some take a little more planning and creativity- the restaurant business …

Birthday Party Celebrations Done Right

Dinner with family and friends at a great local restaurant is an age-old tradition.  Any excuse to have great food in a great location with great people is wonderful but celebrating a birthday, especially the big milestone ones, is double cause for a great time! Here at Benedetto’s Ristorante, we offer everything you need to make birthday party celebrations one …

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In the News!

Ah, Land O’ Lakes, Florida… you are known for nothing more than being falsely associated with butter, but that’s okay! Within your city limits lay a restaurant filled with music, culinary love, and a vast menu of Italian inspired seafood feasts: cueBenedetto’s Ristorante Italiano….. See Full Article Below

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Latest 5 Star Yelp Reviews

SEE ALL REVIEWS HERE : 7/17/2015 1 check-in One course was better than the next.  We were seated graciously, our server was informative, smiling and was happy to be there.  Big selection, reasonable pricing, a chef who has a vested interest in the restaurant, Chef Ben owns the place, Mrs. Ben at the hostess stand.  Would recommend Benedetto’s every …

Purchase Marinara Sauce!

. Click Below to purchase our one of a kind homemade marinara sauce for the holidays! We have been getting rave reviews about this sauce. Purchase yours before we run out! Also can be a great gift for the holidays – save on buying a case!   Purchase Marinara Sauce HERE     Benedettos Marinara Label

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Father’s Day Sirloin

Treat Dads ONLY to a FREE RANGE marinated 14 ounce sirloin with our fabulous Pizziola Sauce on top. We will also have VEAL CHOPS, KANGAROO, ELK, RABBIT, BOAR, and ELK SAUSAGE. Plus ALL DADS RECIEVE 10% OFF their entree only. Our entire open menu will be available and dad gets take home one tool from our Tool Box, or a …

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Blue Point Oysters

We know many of you may have a child graduating, so we want to extend our congratulations to all the graduates in our Benedetto’s family Rat Pack Club. All graduates will receive a free cannoli, and a congratulations card. Make sure to note your reservation. Attention Oyster Lovers! Blue points $2.00 each We have brought in Glidden Point Oysters from …