FREE $50 Gift Card!

If you want to really save at Benedetto’s and GET IMMEDIATE UP TO DATE WILD GAME and SEAFOOD specials you can do so by Downloading our Benedetto app for smart phone. The pushes we send out on the app are fully combine-able with your RAT PACK CLUB coupons. For example if we send a push for half off Benedetto dip, you get 7.50 off plus your 10.00 off coupon, and if you ordered house wine you save even more. And if all of your Punches are punched by this Sunday you receive a 50.00 gift card. This is a ongoing promotion that started Monday on the app, but imagine if you got credit for the meals from last month , you would be on step closer to receiving a 50.00 gift card, If you haven’t already downloaded the app . Do it today !

Benedetto app