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Lobster Appetizers

All of our Lobsters and steamer clams are flown in daily and hand inspected by Chef Ben. Lobsters may not be available due to flight times from Maine. Three and four pound lobsters are also available. Lobsters also available live to take home.

$19.95 New England Lobster Roll

Fresh lobster meat with a touch of mayo served on a true New England lobster roll with sweet potato fries.

$14.95 Lobster Stew

A Maine local favorite different then the bisque made with heavy cream, lots of butter, sherry and a 1/8 of a pound of lobster meat. Truly to die for!!! Better than Bisque!! Chunks of lobster!!!

Lobster Dinners

$34.00 * Lobster Pasta

A ¼ pound of fresh lobster meat shucked from the shell then sautéed with shallots, green onions, grand manier liquor and heavy cream. Served over angel hair pasta and garnished with fresh broccoli. Served with choice of Salad.

$25.95 Lobster Ravioli

Fresh pasta sheets stuffed with shucked lobster meat and italian herbs and cheeses, served in a white truffle pink sauce. Served with choice of salad.

MP 1.5lb:MP 2lb:MP 1 lb Lobster/Clam Bake

1.5lb-MP 2lb-4MP Maine lobster BROILED, STEAMED, OR GRILLED, 1 dozen steamer clams, Lobster is cracked for you!!! Share charge $9.95 Add sherry cream sauce for 1.95

MP 1.5lb:MP 2lb:MP 1lb Stuffed Maine Lobster

1.5lb - MP 2lb - MP 1.5lb Maine Lobster stuffed with our jumbo lump crabmeat stuffing then topped with mozzarella cheese and finished in the broiler.. Add sherry cream sauce for 1.95

$49.95 Ultimate Surf and Turf

1.5 lobster 58.95 - 2lb lobster 78.95 The ultimate dinner!!! One whole 1 lb Maine Lobster grilled, steamed or broiled and a 8oz Black Angus filet mignon with your choice of sauce. Great deal!

MP 1.5lb:MP 2lb:MP Just Lobster 1lb Maine Lobster

1.5lb …………………MP 2lb……………………MP Broiled, Steamed, or Grilled. Ask for it lazy (Served without shell, just meat and legs) Lobster is cracked for you!!!

$42.95 * 1.5 LB Lobster Thermadore

We make this dish better than anyone in the south and just like in Maine. We shuck the meat from shell, sauté it with shallots, mushrooms, cream and sherry. Then we put it back in shell and top it with mozzarella. If you love Lobster, Order this dish.