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One course was better than the next.  We were seated graciously, our server was informative, smiling and was happy to be there.  Big selection, reasonable pricing, a chef who has a vested interest in the restaurant, Chef Ben owns the place, Mrs. Ben at the hostess stand.  Would recommend Benedetto’s every day of the week.  The food was as good or better than Little Italy in New York.  Give it a try. You will not be disappointed!!!

Stuart D – Ft. Lauderdale

I have eaten in Benedetto’s for years.  The food is authentic and not stale.  Chef Ben stays on top of the “Today’s Italian”, while keeping with tradition.  My Dad was a Chef and I have an appreciation for good quality.  Chef Ben, thank you for the premium food products.  The entertainment is always nice and the wait staff are excellent.  If you are in the area, you must try Benedetto’s.  DO NOT SKIP DESERT here 🙂

Liz L – Lutz   8/16/2015

Great mussels and fantastic fish entree. Excellent waiter! Really enjoyed the entire dining experience.

Joe M. – Tampa   8/16/2015

Aside from the amazing food, Toby, our server, made the experience unforgettable. Thank you, Toby, for a wonderful evening!

Ashley D. – Hyde Park   8/7/2015

Thanks everyone for showing your loyalty and to spread the word!