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Summer Nights!

Benedetto’s hopes you are enjoying your summer and as it is winding down, you are probably returning from vacations and possibly school shopping. We are also busy preparing a very special menu as Benedetto’s will be celebrating a 13-year anniversary! We will be serving a variety of fabulous specials, entertaining you with music and magic (thanks to Magician Bill’s card …

Stone Crab Season

With the excitement about rolling out our new menu, we almost forgot what time of year it is! Stone crab season opened on the 15th. These Florida delicacies arrive at Benedetto’s tomorrow afternoon for Thursday night dinner service. Our trappers have indicated a good catch, but not good enough to get the prices lower than last year. We will be …

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Benedetto’s New Menu

Benedetto’s is announcing a new menu coming up in the beginning of August. The menu will reflect new pricing and some new additions to our already succulent menu so please check the menu pages for updates as well as our blog for information on the dishes themselves and customer reviews. Gouper Bianco Chicken Benedetto Lobster Florida Pinks If you have …