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What Makes a Good Caterer?

What Makes a Good Caterer?

When you are looking for a caterer for your special event, you, of course, want the best of the best- but how can you help ensure that is what you get? Finding a good caterer takes some work and research but with these tips, you can find a caterer for your event that will make your party and event planning go smoothly:


Catering is all about the food, so of course, you want your caterer to be a good cook and to have food offerings that suit your wants and needs for your event.

Food safety

As you go about finding a good caterer, a key part of your party and event planning has to be ensuring they are properly trained in safe handling of food.

Customer service

Catering is a team event and the caterer you choose should be willing to talk with you, listen to your wants and needs, and be respectful of your wishes and requests.


A good caterer is creative and innovative and can make changes based on dietary needs, crowd size, location limitations and any other factors they have to work around.


A caterer is one of a larger team and they need to be able to lead their team of cooks, servers, and decorators effectively so your event can go on without a hitch.


Caterers have to be motivated and possess a go-get-‘em attitude that shows they are all about action and planning rather than reacting and waiting.

Financial planning

When working on a tighter client budget, a good caterer can still take the party and event planning sessions and create a stunning event, while staying within the budget.

Attention to detail

The final tip for finding a good caterer is to ensure they have an eye for details from the food to the decorating to the event planning- they need to be very detail oriented.

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