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How Restaurants Can Take Advantage of Social Media

How Restaurants Can Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms are some of the best marketing tools businesses have at their disposal today and they make for quick and effective ways to contact and interact with your chosen audience. Many businesses across a number of industries are already effectively harnessing the power of social media, but some take a little more planning and creativity- the restaurant business being one such example. Social media promos for restaurants is one way to increase your customer base by targeting local groups on social media effectively, and here are some tips to help you get started:

Use Food Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and you want those words to promote your restaurant- so use photos every chance you get. Photos get shared more on Facebook and they make Twitter tweets more engaging. They are also the foundation for sites like Pinterest and Instagram. And best of all- the restaurant business is perfect for photos in social media promos for restaurants!

Offer Exclusives

When you have fans, friends, and followers engaging with you on social media give them some reward to show your thanks and to encourage them to continue engaging with you. Exclusives such as coupons, advanced access, and specials available to them only are great ways to show you appreciate their support. Social media promos for restaurants thrive on exclusive offers.

Run Contests and Games

Social media promos for restaurants is a creative field where a lot can happen and a great way to encourage people to come by and do business with you as a customer is to hold contests and games. Whether it is trivia nights, themed night, or special events related to your food industry niche, targeting local groups on social media is easier with contests and games.

The Power of Videos

Videos are popular and many social media platforms allow them to be embedded, and some, like YouTube and Snapchat are built solely around video content. For the restaurant owner, videos of meal preparation and behind the scenes peeks and chef tips and diet idea videos are great ways to people to a wide audience and to promote your restaurant to more people!

Embrace the Hashtag Craze

Twitter gave rise to the trend known as the hashtag and this social media marketing tool is powerful- if it is utilized correctly., Knowing what hashtags are trending is important so you can use them to promote your restaurant. For example, if a hashtag of #goodfamilydining is trending then post a scrumptious photo of a menu item with that hashtag to spread the word.

Show Appreciation

Take a photo of the people who make your restaurant what it is and show them working on menu items or in some other capacity within the restaurant. Post them to your company social media feed, describing their work and thanking them- you can also do the same for your loyal customers as a way of showing them your gratitude.

Geo-Targeting Ads

The final thing to remember about social media promos for restaurants is to focus in on your target area. A restaurant wants to be able to focus on targeting local groups on social media so be sure to include mentions of cities, neighborhoods, and areas that you service so the ads and social media posts get to the right people!

When it comes to social media promos for restaurants there are so many creative ways to go about crafting the perfect marketing plan!  Just remember that the ultimate goal is targeting local groups on social media to encourage them to come to your restaurant and to spread the word about the good food and service they received there.