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July 2012

Benedetto's is known for its superb service which can be seen in the knowledge of the servers. Just try and tell them that you are undecided and that you were hoping for a recommendation on the menu. The servers are taught to help guide the customer through the menu by asking questions about what they like, what mood they might be in, do they like certain types of seafood, which wine to pair their meal

Benedetto's is announcing a new menu coming up in the beginning of August. The menu will reflect new pricing and some new additions to our already succulent menu so please check the menu pages for updates as well as our blog for information on the dishes themselves and customer reviews. Gouper Bianco Chicken Benedetto Lobster Florida Pinks If you have any suggestions or want to comment on the new additions to the menu, please comment below or you can fill out a contact form on the home page.

O.k., O.k. Who is the best Italian Chef in Tampa? Well, that is a personal matter but it is obvious the patrons that walk through Benedetto's in Land O' Lakes have all come to a consensus that they love Chef Ben.   Form the first day I met Ben, I knew I was meeting somebody that had a higher degree of dedication to his food - higher than anyone I have ever met. When someone travels thousands of miles every summer to keep up with relationships to his distributors, that means he puts in the effort that no one sees. THIS, is