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October 2012

With the excitement about rolling out our new menu, we almost forgot what time of year it is! Stone crab season opened on the 15th. These Florida delicacies arrive at Benedetto's tomorrow afternoon for Thursday night dinner service. Our trappers have indicated a good catch, but not good enough to get the prices lower than last year. We will be offering stone crab dinners in medium, large and jumbo size claws. We are waiting for prices to come down to bring in the colossal. Stone crab dinners can be served hot or cold and include our famous mustard sauce with a

This couple got engaged this past week at Benedetto's! Over the years, there have been many firsts dates that have turned into , anniversaries, rehearsal dinners, weddings and over 75 engagements. It is not uncommon to see people using our wonderful restaurant as the perfect backdrop to the perfect evening. With beautiful live entertainment from our piano bar to the perfectly dim mood lighting, we try and set the stage for a memorable dinner evening where you can forget about all the hassles of everyday life. Enjoy a gourmet meal at unbelievable prices!