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When people make the choice to go out to eat, they are looking for and paying for more than a simple meal. Most patrons who choose to eat at a nice restaurant want to be able to enjoy a good meal in an environment that they find appealing. This could range from the upscale dining experience or a laid-back bar atmosphere. It is important to bring the food and patrons together in a place that gives them what they are looking for. Creating the right atmosphere for your restaurant can be tricky but these key points can make attaining local

There are many trends in the restaurant industry that should not be ignored if local eateries wish to keep up with the times and continue to draw in customers and stay ahead of the growing amount of competition in the restaurant business. Many people are looking for good local dining options that fit their wants and needs, so it is important that restaurants are able to meet these needs and satisfy customer wants.  Here are some of the top trends many restaurant managers need to be keenly aware of: Hyper-local sourcing  More and more restaurants and chefs are focusing in on and